Energy-Efficient Windows

Energyefficient windows Salt Lake City UT

Your home’s windows play an important role in your overall comfort. They regulate the temperature of your house, preventing heat from escaping in summer and reducing the strain on your heating system during winter.

Energy efficient windows reduce noise pollution as well. Here’s what you should look for when choosing a Salt Lake City window company.

Low-E Glass

The Low-E coating prevents unwanted heat from passing into the home by bouncing infrared light off the window surface. It also keeps harmful UV rays from entering your home, which is important for the health of your family and furniture. Combined with other energy efficiency features, like warm-edge spacers and argon gas fills, Low-E glass can increase the insulating potential of your windows to an incredible level.

The insulative properties of low-e glass can be further enhanced by combining it with double pane windows. These windows are comprised of two separate glass panes and utilize new technology that insulates them even better. The use of argon gas between the two windows, which acts as a natural insulator, reduces heat loss during the winter and reflects the hot sun in the summer. This combination helps to significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Low-E Film

Unlike standard windows, which use a single pane of glass, energy-efficient windows have multiple panes laminated together for better insulation. These windows tend to cost a little more, but are worth the investment due to their long-term durability and energy savings.

For those who are not able to afford new windows, window film offers a cost-saving alternative. It reduces solar heat gain and conserves indoor heating in the winter, saving you thousands in energy costs over time. Window film also protects furniture, carpet and artwork from fading by filtering out harmful UV rays.

Unlike standard windows, which have a reflective surface that absorbs and reflects sunlight, low-E window film has a transparent coating with microscopic metallic particles that reduce both UV and infrared light. Combining this with a multi-pane window or gas fills can boost performance even more. Look for a low emissivity (e-value) rating and visible transmittance (VT) rating to ensure you get the best window for your home.

Double-Pane Glass

Unlike single-pane windows, double-pane glass offers superior insulation. It consists of two tempered glass panes separated by an insulating space that can be filled with air or argon. Argon gas, in particular, helps reduce thermal transfer by forming an invisible barrier that keeps cold air out during the winter and warm air out in the summer.

These windows are highly energy efficient and help keep homes insulated even with high heating or cooling usage. As a result, they save homeowners money on their energy bills. They also make houses more comfortable throughout the year and can increase a home’s resale value.

When looking for an affordable double-pane window replacement company, consider one that has a proven track record of providing quality windows and customer service. It should also have a warranty covering products and services for a lifetime. This is especially important if you have older windows that show signs of wear and tear, such as condensation between the panes.

Solar Window & Door Inc.

Whether you’re looking to replace windows or build a new home, the company has a wide selection of options. It also offers free estimates for its products. Its professionals are knowledgeable and can help you choose the best window for your home. It also offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products.

Energy-efficient windows will make your home more comfortable and save money on energy bills. They reduce heat loss and condensation, and help prevent air leaks. They also increase the value of your home, so you can sell it for a higher price when the time comes.

The company’s ENERGY STAR certified windows are built using advanced manufacturing processes and can be delivered and installed in your home quickly. Its NFRC U-factor ratings help you find the most efficient windows for your home. You can also look for the solar heat gain coefficient, which measures how much the window absorbs and transmits sunlight.