Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors allow for natural sunlight, unify the indoors with the outdoors, and create a conversation starter. They are also more aesthetically pleasing than traditional swinging doors. They can be made from wood, clad wood, or aluminum frames and can be highly energy-efficient.

You can even add a sliding door screen to keep out bugs and other pests. Adding this feature can increase the cost of your project, as you will need to alter the framing unit.

Solar Window & Door Inc.

Sliding glass doors are a great complement to Salt Lake City homes. They allow more natural light to enter the home, and they can help limit temperature fluctuations. They also make it easier for people to move furniture in and out of the home. They are especially useful for Bungalow-style houses, where they can provide easy access to the patio area.

If you want to enhance the look of your sliding glass doors, consider adding plantation shutters. These shutters are durable, block light, and don’t sway like blinds or drapes. They’re also better at blocking sound than bifold shutters. Plantation shutters come in two build options for sliding doors: bypass and bifold. Bypass shutters feature panels that slide on a track above the door, whereas bifold shutters are built with multiple panels that fold across each other.

HomeStar Windows & Doors

Homestar Windows and Doors is a Utah-based company that installs doors and windows for residential properties. Its crew helps clients choose from a range of security door styles, colors, dimensions, and materials. It also assists with window repair and replacement services.

It offers a double lifetime installation warranty that includes coverage for screens, glass breakage, caulking, and labor. Its products are made from vinyl and wood, and they are designed to provide energy efficiency.

The company has been serving Salt Lake City and surrounding areas for more than 27 years. It offers window and patio doors for homes and commercial buildings, as well as a variety of other solutions. Its team can also work on custom wood projects for molding and trim, and frames and stair parts.

USI of South Salt Lake

Sliding glass doors blur the line between indoors and out. They offer a modern look and wide views, while also being energy efficient. They are popular among homeowners, especially in Salt Lake City UT.

Sliding patio doors are a great addition to homes that feature a traditional Bungalow style, which often features a front porch and large windows. They can enhance the home’s curb appeal, and help create a comfortable pathway between the living room and patio.

Sliding doors also make it easier for more than one person to move in and out of the home, as they do not require an inward or outward swing. Adding plantation shutters to your sliding doors will also enhance the privacy of your home, limit temperature fluctuations and provide a more attractive look.

Brokerage Windows and Doors

Sliding glass doors seamlessly integrate as the portal between a home and its outdoor space. They offer plenty of natural light and wide views, while requiring less floor space than swinging doors. They are also easier to open and close, making them ideal for homes with family gatherings.

For homeowners looking to upgrade their patio doors, sliding glass options are a great choice. They allow for more sunlight, create a visual connection with the outdoors and can make a dramatic statement in an open-concept living area.

Sliding patio doors can be paired with plantation shutters, which add privacy and help block sunlight. The shutters can also help prevent cold air from entering a house and limit temperature fluctuations. Choose from bypass or bifold designs for your sliding doors.


Sliding glass doors offer a modern look, wide views, and energy efficiency. They are available in a variety of styles, including aluminum and fiberglass. They are durable and offer minimal expansion and contraction with temperature changes. They can also be personalized with etched designs that suit your home decor or personality.

A sliding door can unify a living room with a patio area. It is easy to open and close, and it allows more than one person to pass through at a time. Sliding doors can be complemented with plantation shutters that improve privacy, block light, and don’t sway like blinds or drapes. They are great for Bungalow-style homes, which have an emphasis on a formal living space. They can also unify a Colonial-style home with the backyard.