Casement Windows in Salt Lake City UT

When it comes to home improvements, replacing old windows can be one of the most important steps. New windows are energy efficient, help reduce outside noises and improve the appearance of your Utah home.

Casement windows shut thoroughly on all sides, making them a great choice for homes in windy areas. They are also easy to clean and can add a lot of natural light to your home.

Easy to open and close

Unlike double hung windows, which slide open from the top or bottom, casement windows hinge on one side and use a crank to open. This makes them easier to operate and perfect for tricky installation spots like above sinks and higher up bathrooms.

They also offer excellent ventilation. Since they can be opened a full 90 degrees, you can easily catch the breeze and improve air quality in your home.

While they used to be less popular than sliding windows, casement windows are becoming increasingly sought after. This is because they have become more advanced and feature improved mechanisms that make them more reliable. They have also been made more energy efficient by adding thermal breaks that stop the transfer of cold and heat.

Superior ventilation

The Salt Lake City area has freezing winter temperatures and blazing summers, which is why it’s so important to stabilize your indoor temperature to reduce energy costs. Windows are often a big culprit when it comes to heat transfer, but new casement designs help your home stay comfortable by providing superior ventilation.

Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward like a door, making them one of the more airtight window choices. Traditionally, they operated with a crank that has a tendancy to wear over time, but newer designs have replaced the crank with more advanced mechanisms that don’t rely on mechanical moving parts.

Milgard casement windows have a wide range of stylistic options that can suit your taste and complement your home’s architecture. They also feature fusion-welded frames and sash corners to provide maximum strength and lifelong durability.

Easy to clean

With regular cleaning, Casement windows look great decades after they’re installed. All you need is a soft, lint-free towel (old kitchen towels, linen napkins or made-for-glass microfiber cloth), non-abrasive cleaner and water.

These windows are hinged on one side and swing open with a crank, making it possible to clean both sides of the glass from inside your home without a ladder or special tools. And because they’re much more airtight than double hung windows, you don’t need to worry about air leaks that lead to expensive energy bills.

With their beautiful lines and quality construction, Casement windows can transform your space with a sense of depth and dimension. And you can choose from a wide range of stylistic options that ensure the perfect aesthetic for your dream home.

Less vulnerable to burglars

If you’re concerned about security, you can install a cam lock on your casement windows for added protection. Also, safety glazing is available, which makes your window glass more difficult to break. This type of glass is made up of several layers and a laminate coating that can withstand impact from a burglar or a strong wind.

While casement windows may have fallen out of favor in the past, they are making a comeback among savvy homeowners. This unique style of window is a great option for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Their design is easy to use and offers superior ventilation. They are also one of the most airtight options, helping to reduce energy consumption. Plus, they offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Great view

Window installation experts in Salt Lake City can help homeowners select windows that enhance their home’s style and function while providing maximum energy efficiency. This reduces heating and cooling costs and helps homeowners avoid issues like leaks, drafts and rotting frames.

While sliding doors and double-hung designs have long been the most popular choice for new or replacement windows, casement design is making a comeback with Salt Lake City homeowners. These windows open outward by a hinge and use a hand crank to create a strong weather tight seal.

Universal Windows Direct offers several window styles and configurations, including casement windows, that are designed to maximize air flow and promote an efficient home. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on its products. Not all its windows are Energy Star-certified, however, so be sure to specify that you want Energy Star windows when you inquire about them.