Window Styles Salt Lake City UT

Window styles Salt Lake City UT

Window styles Salt Lake City UT can help open up a room, bring in natural light and make your house feel more comfortable. They come in several shapes and sizes, with style options to match any home.

These windows have thermal breaks that stop the transfer of heat and cold, argon filled sashes and low E coatings to provide performance comparable to EnergyStar windows.

Double Hung

Double-hung windows pair beauty and function for a timeless look that enhances your home’s style. They can improve ventilation by allowing you to open the lower and upper sashes at once.

They’re also easy to clean. You can tilt in the upper sash and slide it down to clean both the exterior and interior glass.

Designed to fit perfectly and protect your home from Utah’s hot summers and cold winters, our windows can keep you comfortable all year round.


Awning windows are a beautiful choice for basements and first-floor bathrooms. They allow natural light to enter and enhance the room, while also improving ventilation.

They open from the bottom and are hinged at the top, which allows air to flow in even when the window is closed. They are a good choice for places that would be difficult to reach with a traditional window sash, such as above sinks and counters.


A bay window is a combination of three windows including a center picture window with two smaller windows angled to the right and left. These are a stunning addition to any room in the home and can increase the natural light.

Angled windows are usually higher up and require a more durable window treatment that is easy to open and close. We recommend either plantation shutters or window film for angled windows.


Featuring a frame made of a single piece of wood with Argon or Krypton gas filled between them these windows provide great performance for our Salt Lake City Utah climate. They open from one side and close from the other and also tilt allowing for easy cleaning.

Comprising a variety of window pane sizes, bow windows offer more light than bay windows and create a curved “wall of windows” in your home. Perfect for displaying a view or providing seating and storage areas.


Located above doors and windows, transoms were originally used to provide ventilation between rooms. Today they are a decorative feature that can brighten up any home.

They are available in several frame styles, a range of glass options, and can be installed in new construction or added to existing homes. These windows can also be combined with sidelights to create a Bay window. A full system of windows consists of a doorway, transom and sidelights and is designed for weather protection, pest control and energy efficiency.

Escape Windows

If you’re remodeling a basement into a bedroom, you’ll need to install egress windows that meet building code requirements. These windows allow a safe escape in the event of an emergency and increase resale value.

The cost of egress windows varies from company to company, but the best Salt Lake City window companies offer competitive prices and quality workmanship. Energy efficiency ratings and the style of the window will also affect price.

Dual Pane

Every home deserves proper insulation that will keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This means installing dual pane windows.

Single-pane storm windows are long gone and double-pane windows are today’s true energy efficient windows. They help regulate your indoor temperatures and reduce outside noise pollution. They also look great and save you on energy bills in the long run. Double pane windows are insulated with two panes of glass held tightly together by spacers and a pocket filled with air or a colorless, non-toxic gas like argon.

Triple Pane

Unlike single-pane windows, triple-pane windows have three separate panes separated by air or gas. They are more expensive and less common than double-pane windows, but they provide better insulation against heat and sound.

These windows are a great choice for homes in climates that require heating. They help maintain more warmth and energy, and they keep cold outdoor temperatures out.

They can also be used to prevent moisture from leaking into the room, which is beneficial in keeping odors and mold at bay.


Aluminum windows are popular for their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are also very low maintenance, and only require periodic wiping and caulking to keep them looking their best.

Often considered the most energy efficient option, these windows feature two window panes with a small pocket of air between them, and Argon gas is usually filled in this area to increase insulation and reduce power bills in the colder months of Utah. They also resist rot, corrosion and are water resistant.