Sliding Glass Doors Salt Lake City UT

Sliding glass doors Salt Lake City UT

Sliding glass doors Salt Lake City UT provide homeowners with the ability to enjoy the ambiance of their home. They provide an attractive alternative to traditional swinging doors that require more room to open and close.

They offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces and can seamlessly integrate as the portal for backyard barbecues, family parties and play dates.

Bungalow Style Homes

Homeowners often choose sliding glass doors to let in more natural light and save floor space. They open by sliding horizontally rather than swinging in or out, which doesn’t impact how furniture is arranged around the opening. They also don’t impede on the space outside, making them ideal for narrow spaces.

This classic 1929 bungalow, updated for modern living, offers the best of vintage charm and modern conveniences. Located within one of the area’s top school districts, this property is truly move-in ready and boasts numerous upgrades including a new kitchen, master suite, and refinished floors.

The house isn’t a traditional rambler or ranch with a hipped roof, but a mix of pitched and shingled shapes that blends with the neighborhood’s more traditional homes. Mauri and her team wanted a contemporary style that matched their lifestyle but didn’t look like a “cliche modern box-on-box” home. Instead, the finished product looks elegant yet warm and inviting.

Colonial Style Homes

Colonial style homes are one of the oldest architectural styles in the United States, dating back to the 1600s and 1700s. They are usually simple, rectangular and symmetrical with two or more stories. Various parts of the country developed their own styles thanks to immigrants coming from different countries, resulting in subsets such as Spanish colonial and French colonial.

A typical colonial home has a center hall foyer with classic staircase, formals and built-in window seats. Its kitchen features Old World cabinets, cherrywood counters and marble slab island. A deluxe 5,550-square-foot showroom garage adds to the character of this impressive estate.

A sliding glass door is a beautiful addition to any colonial house. It can also be customized with etched designs that fit the homeowner’s personal taste or home decor. For example, etchings can include flowers for a more traditional look or the family crest for a more modern touch. Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors is a leading Pella sliding door supplier in Utah and throughout the Wasatch Front.

Contemporary Style Homes

Embracing modern home design is an effective way to enhance your living space with clean lines and geometric shapes. Whether you’re looking to add contemporary touches to your existing house or build a new property, the right sliding glass doors Salt Lake City UT will complement your home’s style.

Contemporary homes encapsulate the now and often use eco-friendly materials to connect with nature. Though they may pick up motifs and elements from decorative styles, contemporary design prioritizes function over form for form’s sake.

Large expanses of glass are a signature of this type of architecture, creating an elegant wall of light. This reflects the minimalist aesthetic that a contemporary home strives for, which also means avoiding unnecessary clutter. As an added bonus, a sliding door can make it easier to move furniture and guests in and out of your home without damaging items. This makes hosting backyard BBQs and family gatherings much more enjoyable. This is especially helpful if you have children or pets.

Traditional Style Homes

Whether you love the natural beauty of the mountains or a cozy city neighborhood, Utah’s diverse architecture includes homes in nearly every style. From prairie houses with low-pitched roofs and deep overhangs to Victorian Eclectic buildings with a mix of siding, brackets, and metal shed roof accents, you’re sure to find the perfect home for your family.

When you have a traditional-style home, you may want to complement it with sliding glass doors Salt Lake City UT that match the overall look of your house. Aluminum patio doors offer a clean, modern design that’s easy to maintain and can easily be customized with etched designs or the family crest.

To learn more about how to add a personal touch to your new sliding door, visit Mountain Refined. Our interior designers can help you create a modern design that complements your existing architectural style without looking dated. They’ll also help you choose the best sliding glass door to fill your rooms with soft, natural light.