Door Installation Cost in Salt Lake City UT

Door installation cost Salt Lake City UT

Doors are not only important for your home’s curb appeal but also for security. You can get a wide range of door styles to suit your needs.

The cost of installing a door in an existing wall averages $300 to $800 for framing and drywall. This includes the casement that covers the rough frame.

Entry Door

New entry doors can make a dramatic statement while opening up living spaces. They also improve home energy efficiency and security. The cost of a new door is usually less expensive than you might think. Having a professional contractor do the job can save you time and money as well as frustration from trying to tackle the project yourself.

Homeowners should consider the type and style of the door as well as accessories such as hinges, locks, sidelights, and thresholds when calculating costs. Fiberglass-composite doors are often the most affordable, and many offer long warranties that can save homeowners money over the lifetime of their homes.

Wood doors can be more expensive, but they require extra maintenance and may not perform well in extreme weather conditions. Installing a new wood door may also require drywall and framing work to create a new opening. Other options include french doors, pivot doors, and hybrid sliding doors. They can blur the lines between inside and out, allowing natural light to brighten interiors.

Screen Door

Screen doors are a popular alternative to solid doors and provide air flow while still protecting your home from insects. They are commonly found on patio and sliding doors, but can also be fitted to regular exterior doors. They have a wide opening filled with mosquito netting, similar to the screens in windows.

There are three main types of screen doors: swing, retractable and sliding. Traditional swing screens are installed on hinges while retractable and sliding models allow you to reclaim space inside your home. They also come with different safety features, such as a locking handle or knob.

Choosing the right type of screen door will depend on your needs, style and budget. A standard hinged model typically costs around $100 to $110. There are more expensive options, such as a heavy mesh that is more durable and better for security. You can also find more aesthetically appealing wood designs made from sustainable woods, which can be stained or painted to match your existing decor.

Garage Door

A new garage door can improve your house’s curb appeal and protect its contents. It is a big selling point for homeowners who plan to sell their property in the future, as it can raise its resale value. Additionally, modern wood garage doors are insulated and can reduce your energy bills.

A-1 Garage Door Services is a Salt Lake City garage door company that serves clients throughout the region. Its team specializes in repairing residential and commercial garage doors and openers. Its technicians can repair a wide range of issues, including broken springs, noisy rollers, dented panels, and nonresponsive eye beam sensors.

Burton Lumber is a family-owned building material dealer that serves clients in Salt Lake City and nearby neighborhoods. It offers a variety of residential and commercial garage doors, and can customize them to fit the client’s preferences. The company also provides installation and repair services for garage doors, openers, and accessories. Its customers can purchase wood garage doors, aluminum, and composite insulated options.

Commercial Overhead Door

Commercial doors serve a number of purposes, including providing passage for people and vehicles, allowing for storage and access for loading or unloading equipment or materials, and maintaining security for businesses. These doors come in a range of sizes and shapes, and they can be specialized to meet the specific needs of a business.

For example, freezer doors are designed to withstand the cold environment of a food production and storage area. They also provide optimum insulation to reduce loss of conditioned air and prevent excessive condensation and ice build-up.

Similarly, fabric and rubber commercial doors are used to seal off storage areas from temperature changes, moisture and airborne impurities. They are a popular interior solution for warehouses and distribution centers. They are also available with cutting-edge automation and safety devices. Commercial doors must be installed using hardware that can withstand the high number of openings and closings they endure throughout the course of a workday. This means using heavier hardware than what is typically used for residential garage doors.