Patio Doors Salt Lake City UT Add Home Value

Patio doors Salt Lake City UT

Patio doors are not only a great home upgrade but they add resale value. Homestar Windows & Doors can help you choose the best patio door for your Salt Lake City UT home.

Choose a quality insulated fiberglass door that expands and contracts minimally with temperature changes. These doors will also withstand Utah’s harsh weather conditions without warping or rotting.


The door to your home is one of the most vulnerable points for break-ins. Upgrades to your exterior doors can increase security, value and protect what you love most in your home.

Patio sliding doors brighten interior rooms with natural light while offering an open view to your backyard. They’re also a great option for tight spaces since they don’t require room to swing open like hinged doors.

Choose high quality patio doors that provide privacy, strong time tested weatherstripping and insulation for energy efficiency. They will help prevent outside noise and the damaging UV rays from the sun that can cause your floors, furniture and cabinets to fade. They will add a beautiful finishing touch to your home or business.


When looking for patio doors make sure you choose a quality model that is well insulated and fits tightly in the frame to minimize air leakage. The best models also come with strong time tested weather stripping and an adjustable threshold for maximum performance. Look for ENERGY STAR certification to help save you money on your utility bills.

If you want to block out harsh UV rays that cause your furniture, floors, and cabinets to fade, choose patio doors with blinds built in between the glass. They provide privacy and keep out the sun’s damaging rays while letting in natural light. You can also personalize them with etched designs that fit your décor or a family crest. These features can greatly enhance your home’s beauty and function.

Energy Efficiency

The main opening to your home’s exterior, patio doors offer beautiful views and natural light. They’re also the portal through which many home break-ins happen. Look for security features and a multi-point locking system to protect your family from unwanted guests and break-ins.

Energy efficiency is important for patio doors. Look for designs that use a high-quality, durable frame that is well-insulated and tightly fit to reduce air leakage. Also, choose a patio door with double or triple pane glass. These designs keep the radiant sun and damaging UV rays out of your house to save your furniture, floor, or cabinets from fading or warping.

For even greater energy efficiency, select a design that uses AMSCO CozE performance glass. This option helps you manage Utah’s climate and weather extremes by blocking heat from the summer sun and reducing your home’s heating and cooling costs.


Patio doors Salt Lake City UT serve as a gateway into your home’s natural light and beautiful Utah landscape. These large expanses of glass are often a conversation piece and inspire outdoor gatherings.

You can easily enhance your door’s style and functionality with customizable options. Choose from a wide range of hardware styles and finishes, grille patterns, interior stains and more. You can also etch your patio doors to match your home decor or personality.

A high-quality vinyl patio door will stand up to Utah’s harsh sun and high elevation UV rays without warping, leaking or breaking. Look for an insulated frame with vinyl that’s tightly bonded to prevent energy loss. You can also opt for a window with blinds built in between the glass to provide privacy and keep the sun’s damaging UV rays off your floors, furniture and appliances.


A new patio door is an excellent upgrade that will add value to your home. It will keep out radiant sun and damaging UV rays that can cause your floors, furniture and cabinets to fade and warp over time.

A well-installed door is low maintenance. However, if you notice that your new doors are starting to develop noticeable signs of wear or tear, it might be time to invest in a replacement.

Food crumbs, dirty shoes and yard debris are the kinds of things that will often get stuck within the tracks of your patio doors. Regularly vacuuming these areas and scrubbing and rinsing every other month will help you to avoid major issues later on.