Upgrade Your Home’s Entry Doors

Front doors are a home’s focal point and can boost curb appeal, add privacy and enhance security. New fiberglass and steel exterior doors are energy efficient, low maintenance and look like wood – but cost less. French and pivot doors blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, a popular design feature in the mountainous Intermountain West.

Solid Wood

Solid wood doors add timeless beauty to your home and provide unparalleled quality. They also provide a strong barrier to the elements and intruders, helping you feel safe inside your property.

Therma-Tru wood exterior doors are crafted with rails and stiles of solid European wood covered by veneer to resist warping over time. They’re prefinished with a furniture grade process that ensures optimal sheen and durability.

Wood doors are a popular choice for those who want to add a rustic style to their residence. Rustic designs often feature iron hardware and simple square windows that let the natural beauty of wood grain show through. These doors are also highly resistant to weathering and aging, allowing them to last for decades without requiring much maintenance. These doors also have exceptional insulating properties, cutting down your energy costs during the summer and winter. You’ll enjoy reduced noise levels as well.


An upgraded entry door can add value to a property and create a lasting impression upon visitors. They can also make a house safer and more comfortable, which is why real estate agents often report that the front door is one of the most important upgrades to increase home saleability.

Fiberglass exterior doors from Therma-Tru are an excellent choice for northern Utah homes because they are highly durable, low-maintenance, and energy efficient. Designed with wood-grain textures and premium prefinishing, they come in numerous finishes and glass options that can be customized for the perfect look.

For homeowners who prefer a more traditional style, solid wood doors are available in various species, including cherry, oak, and fir. These doors can be stained or painted to complement any color palette and can be customized with unique hardware and decorative glass options. A wood door is an investment that can pay off with a high ROI when it is properly maintained.


Your home’s doors are a major statement. They should reflect your style, provide protection from the elements and intruders and enhance your home’s value. An upgrade to your exterior doors will likely return the largest ROI among all home improvement projects.

Steel front entry doors are a popular option that combine beauty and strength. Unlike wood, which can be easily damaged by the elements or intruders, steel doors look and feel unbreakable. This provides a sense of security for your family and deters criminals before they even make it to the door.

In the picturesque Intermountain West, homeowners are looking for ways to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. French doors and hybrid bi-folding systems are perfect for this type of transitional living. Pairing these exterior doors with the right hardware will help you create a custom door that perfectly suits your needs. Get a quote for your next front door from Champion today.


Unlike wood, aluminum front doors are not susceptible to warping or damage caused by weather conditions. They are also waterproof and do not rust. They also have the advantage of being less expensive than steel front doors.

A new entry door can increase a home’s value by adding a distinctive look and providing security. It can also help homeowners keep energy costs low and make their homes more comfortable. The type of door that best matches a home’s style is key to getting the highest possible return on investment.

Murray Glass is a Salt Lake City-based company that helps clients with door installation and other home improvement projects. Its doors include a range of styles and dimensions from manufacturers such as Therma-Tru and Masonite. Its staff assists clients in choosing the ideal product to suit their budget and property. It also installs windows from top providers such as Amsco and Milgard. Its team assists clients in ensuring that they meet government energy efficiency standards.