Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal With a New Door

A new front door can enhance a home’s curb appeal. It can also increase its value and improve security. In addition, new doors provide a transitional style that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

A new iron door can add charm and elegance to a property. It can also be unbreakably strong, discouraging burglars before they enter the property.


Wood doors are a classic choice for boosting home beauty. Crafted from solid firs or walnuts, they feature fine close-grained surfaces that can take a stain well and resist shrinking, swelling or cracking. They’re also a wise investment, as they typically recover most of their cost upon selling the property.

For a look that blends timeless quality with modern lines, check out the Urban Door Collection. It offers clean geometric designs that complement city living. If you’re a homeowner who loves blurring the lines between indoors and out, consider a french door or hybrid folding sliding system for your patio. They’re perfect for our Intermountain West climate and provide an attractive solution for gaining access to your garden, deck or backyard.


Front doors with glass are a common sight in northern Utah homes, adding beauty to an entryway and boosting curb appeal. With endless customization options, a custom glass door is the perfect way to make a statement and reflect your style.

You can adorn your glass door with stained or carved glass to create an elegant work of art. For a more traditional look, you can also choose frosted or fogged glass.

A quality glass door adds a modern appearance to your home or business while still providing the security you need. In addition, these doors can allow more natural light into a room, preserve privacy, and keep your building protected from UV rays. They can also be incorporated into hybrid folding and sliding door systems that blur the line between indoors and out, making your space more versatile.


A beautiful front door enhances a home’s curb appeal and boosts its value, especially when you’re planning to sell. Iron doors provide strength and security, deterring burglars from attempting to gain entry.

Hollow metal doors are constructed from cold rolled or galvanized steel materials and designed for interior or exterior single or double door openings as either a slab or frame-and-panel design. They are also available with fire rated core options to meet commercial building safety and security standards.

Stainless-steel doors and frames are commonly used for food processing, hospitals and other commercial buildings where hygiene and durability are critical requirements. They are durable, rust resistant and low maintenance. Various hardware options are available, including commercial lock sets, push bar exit devices and door closers.


A door is one of the first things that guests notice about your home and a great entry door can boost curb appeal and increase property value. However, it also needs to be strong enough to stand up to daily wear and tear and harsh weather conditions.

A steel door is made of the strongest material and can hold up to anything Mother Nature throws at it. It will never rust, rot or warp and it’s also energy efficient.

Metal doors and frames are a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings. They can be made of either hollow or solid core and are available in a wide variety of finishes and panel styles. They can be used for exterior or interior openings in single or double door configuration.


With their clean, simple lines and modern design, aluminum doors integrate beautifully into contemporary facades. Designed to meet your unique aesthetic, they’re durable and offer exceptional energy efficiency.

Boost your home’s security and curb appeal with a double or triple door set. Customized with oversized doors, decorative glass and hardware, these doors provide a beautiful and welcoming entrance.

Commercial doors and frames are fabricated from steel or aluminum and used in office buildings, hotels, schools and other business locations. They feature hollow metal frames, fire rated core options and are available in single and double door configurations. Commercial door hardware includes push bar, or “panic”, exit devices, cylindrical and mortise lock sets and door closers. It ensures building safety, security and compliance with commercial standards.