Types of Patio Doors

Patio doors Salt Lake City UT

Sliding glass patio doors are a popular choice that brings natural light into your home and brightens the view of your backyard. Unlike hinged doors, they don’t require swing space and can fit into tight spaces.

Look for strong time tested weatherstripping and an insulated frame that fits tightly for minimal air infiltration. Choose fiberglass for an energy efficient option that doesn’t expand and contract as much as other frames.


With their easy glide and expanse of glass, sliding patio doors integrate flawlessly as the portal for family barbecues, parties and outdoor activities. With options up to 16 feet wide and eight feet tall, these doors can be made to fit your space and your style. Add a grid to mimic multi-pane windows, choose from many hardware finishes and colors, or make your doors more energy efficient with CozE glass that delivers significant savings and may qualify for ENERGY STAR.

Aluminum patio doors are available in several colors and offer a sleek, modern look. With narrow frames, they can be etched with floral patterns or other designs that reflect your home décor and personal style. Tinted glass also creates an aesthetic that complements many types of homes. Aluminum also withstands weather extremes, and it’s less likely to warp or corrode than other frame materials.


Awnings are a secondary covering that equips your outdoor space with a bright and appealing fabric. They are also a great way to block UV rays and keep your patio cool. They can be fixed or retractable.

Aside from adding value to your home, awnings can protect your furniture and artwork from sun damage. They also reduce your energy costs by blocking direct sunlight from reaching your windows and doors.

The right awning installation company can help you make the most of your Salt Lake City home’s space. Choosing the right one starts with finding an experienced agency that has positive reviews and an impressive client list.

Besides having an excellent reputation in the industry, the best Utah awning companies will be able to provide a comprehensive range of services. They will have experience in installing and repairing all types of awnings. They can even handle different materials, including wood framing, which provides a more attractive look to the exterior of your house.


One of the most popular types of patio doors, hinged patio doors are a classic choice for homes that favor traditional architectural styles. They open fully to allow a full view of your backyard and can be customized with grilles, transoms, sidelites, and blinds between the glass for added aesthetic appeal.

In addition to a wide range of design options, hinged patio doors offer better security than sliding door models as they are more difficult to force open from the outside. Look for multi-point locking systems and reinforced strike plate areas when choosing a new hinged patio door.

Hinged patio doors are also a great option for tighter spaces as they do not require large door frames like sliding doors. Choose from French and contemporary style designs to find the right fit for your home. With a wide selection of colors, textures and glass options, these doors are a beautiful way to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living.


Choosing the right exterior doors can affect your home’s security, style and value. It can also save energy costs and help you improve the comfort of your living spaces. Poorly-fitting doors, broken locks and outdated designs can compromise your home’s safety, detract from its appeal and lead to high energy bills.

Upgrade your door selection with french doors, pivot or bi-folding options to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. These dramatic systems will open up your space and propel people to move outdoors.

Look for patio doors with narrow frames to maximize the amount of glass. Aluminum is an excellent option because it expands and contracts minimally with temperature changes. It’s available in several colors and can be clad with low-maintenance materials. For a more personalized look, choose etched or screen-printed designs. Add grilles and transoms for extra privacy. You can even add blinds between the glass to reduce glare and light transmission.