Types of Bay Windows

Bay windows Salt Lake City UT

Bay windows offer more visual interest to a home. They are also a great addition to a home’s value and energy efficiency. These window types are available in a variety of styles and designs.

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The traditional window replacement style has a classic appeal. It fits well with the Salt Lake City area’s historical homes and satisfies preservation guidelines. It also offers excellent insulation properties.

Wide windows can increase your home’s value because they allow for additional living space indoors. It’s best to pair them with a window treatment that can cover the entire surface of your windows, or if you want to minimize the amount of sunlight that comes through, you can opt for cellular shades or shutters, which allow you to control each individual pane.


Typically made of clad wood, these windows offer earthy tones and an authentic craftsman aesthetic. They are ideal for Salt Lake City homeowners who prioritize a natural view of the outdoors.

Double-hung windows feature two sashes that move up and down, allowing for excellent ventilation. They also allow for easy cleaning and are a great option for traditional and contemporary homes.

Bay windows heighten rooms and add a unique focal point to any space. They let in ample sunlight and provide panoramic views of your yard or streetscape.


For homeowners with symmetrical Colonial-style homes, traditional double-hung windows keep the design in line. A popular choice for homes in historic districts, these windows are also a great option for new construction.

Victorian-style replacement windows are characterized by ornate detailing and curved shapes. They can be a stunning choice for historic homes or those who want to add a touch of elegance to their Salt Lake City home.

The Neoclassical style combines Greek and Roman classical motifs in a more conservative manner than that of Beaux Arts classicism. This style was often used for civic, commercial, and ecclesiastical buildings.


Mediterranean homes are characterized by stucco exteriors, red-tile roofs, and arched doorways. They often feature wrought iron accents, as well.

Complement your Mediterranean home with bay windows that add space, improve views of the outdoors, and enhance natural light. Select frames in earthy tones, such as tan or dark brown. For a more modern look, choose frames with no grids to avoid a distracting contrast with the stucco siding.

Casement windows are another great choice for Mediterranean-style homes. Unlike other window types, casement windows open by rotating on one or more hinges. They’re easy to clean and a great choice for allowing direct air ventilation.


In a state with so many different architectural styles, homeowners often struggle to make their homes stand out. One way to do so is with a unique window treatment like an octagonal window. However, it’s easy for these attention-grabbing windows to get lost when they’re obscured with standard sized window treatments.

For ranch-style houses, Bay windows are a perfect solution. This style features three windows that jut out of your home at angled projections, making rooms look brighter and more spacious. They can also be paired with a built-in bench to create extra seating and storage.


Featuring two fixed windows and a single sash that opens and shuts on the side, this window option provides style and simplicity. It’s also more affordable than double-hung windows.

A Bay window configuration adds space to your home. It can create a cozy window seat or provide more distance and viewing area for your family.

These windows are a great choice for homes in Salt Lake City, with their insulating properties and weather resistance. Choose from a variety of colors and materials to match your interior design and exterior architecture.


A Bay window adds floor space to your home and is a popular choice for many different types of homes. The frame of a Bay window consists of a picture window in the center and two smaller, operable windows on either side that angle out from your home’s walls.

If you dream of a cozy window seat where you can relax or watch your children play in the yard, a Bay window is the perfect option for you. Composite Bay windows are a hybrid of wood and vinyl. This makes them a popular choice for homeowners who appreciate the natural beauty of wood but need the durability of vinyl.