Entry Doors Salt Lake City UT

The right front doors make an important statement about your home’s architectural style, while also enhancing its value and providing security. Entry doors can be crafted from wood, steel or fiberglass and come in a wide range of styles and finishes to fit your design preferences.

Quality entry doors that withstand Salt Lake City’s weather conditions must balance aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency.


Durable fiberglass exterior doors provide the aesthetics and durability to match the quality of your home, while offering energy efficiency, low maintenance, and security. Available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, you’ll find the look you desire. With the option of sidelites and a premium prefinish, you can customize your door to your home’s unique design.

Fiberglass front doors are a popular choice among northern Utah homeowners because of their long lifespan and performance. They are fabricated with an advanced material that resists swelling, rotting and warping and can hold up well to the area’s weather conditions.

Their longevity and performance make them an ideal entry system choice for homes that are undergoing a major renovation or remodeling project. They are also an affordable alternative to wood front doors.

These entry systems are a great way to blur the lines between your home and the outdoors. Whether you want french doors or a hybrid bi-folding/multi-slide design, these doors offer a durable and energy efficient solution that will enhance your home’s beauty and increase its value. You can even earn energy tax credits with these new doors. For increased security, choose to add an MPLS multi-point locking system. These lock systems connect the door and frame at three critical points to create a strong barrier against intruders.


With a spectacular view of the Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City balances its rich history with a thriving modern pulse. This combination is reflected in the city’s architectural landscape, with time-honored structures standing alongside contemporary marvels.

A new front door can increase a property’s value, provide security and boost energy efficiency. However, it is vital to choose the right door for the needs of your home or business. In addition to your design preferences, you must take into account the unique climate conditions and structural components of your building.

Residential entry doors are typically fabricated from wood, fiberglass or steel. Wood is a traditional choice that offers natural beauty and superior insulation. However, it requires regular maintenance to prevent warping and rotting. Fiberglass and steel are long-lasting and offer durability in varying weather conditions.

For homeowners that prioritize aesthetics and longevity, a new steel French door may be the ideal option. These dramatic systems are perfect for blurring the line between indoors and out, offering an open and airy feel to your property. They are available in a variety of styles to complement any architectural design and include hybrid folding doors and multi-slide designs for ultimate flexibility. A professional installation is crucial to the functionality and longevity of your front door, as a gap or weak seal can lead to moisture infiltration that promotes mold, mildew and rot.


The right exterior doors add beauty and value to your home. They protect you and your belongings, keep the elements out and unwanted visitors at bay, and allow natural light to flood the interior spaces. However, finding the ideal door requires balancing aesthetics, durability and security with energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Solid wood doors are the classic choice for homeowners who prioritize aesthetics, but they’re also a highly durable and energy efficient material. Their insulating properties reduce heat loss in the winter and cool air in the summer, helping you save money on your power bills. They’re also resistant to dents and kick-ins, providing peace of mind that your home is safe when you’re away.

Whether you prefer the look of traditional mahogany, knotty pine or another wood species, there’s sure to be an entry door that perfectly complements your home’s architecture. And if you want to make your entrance even more welcoming, consider sidelights, transoms and decorative hardware. Or if you’re embracing transitional living, explore the possibilities of hybrid folding doors and custom sliding doors to blur the line between indoors and out.