Choosing Residential Windows For Your Home

When choosing windows for your home, make sure that they fit your style and budget. Look for a company that offers many model varieties, strong warranties, and reasonable quotes.

In Utah, where stunning natural landscapes are a major draw, many homeowners opt for windows that frame scenic views and allow natural light to flood their living spaces. Popular choices include casement and awning windows.

Bay and bow windows

Bay windows bring the beauty of nature into living spaces and a sense of spaciousness to homes. Their angled design allows sunlight to enter rooms from multiple directions, reducing your reliance on artificial lighting and boosting home energy efficiency.

Bay and bow windows are ideal in living rooms, but they also work well in bedrooms and kitchens. They can be used to create reading nooks, dining areas, or storage spaces. They can even make a child’s room feel more spacious and inviting by providing an area for the child to display toys, pictures, and plants.

Both types of windows add a lot of natural light and extra space to rooms, making them a popular choice among Salt Lake City homeowners. They also look great with most architectural styles, from transitional to vintage Victorian.

Impact windows

Choosing the right window material can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency, aesthetics, and value. Generally, you’ll want to opt for energy-efficient models that are certified by the ENERGY STAR website. Look for options with insulated protection, low solar heat transmission, and spectrally selective coatings to improve your home’s comfort.

Another option is composite windows, which are made from a mix of materials. They are durable and able to withstand Utah’s varying climates. They are also easy to maintain and can reduce energy bills.

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward to boost ventilation. They are ideal for homes with lower ceilings and can be paired with stationary windows to boost your home’s privacy. They are also available in a variety of frame colors and sizes to fit any style of home.

Victorian-style windows

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, stained glass was booming. The artform resembled rustic medieval cottages and country homes and was characterized by towers and turrets, asymmetrical lines, curves and angles. You can still find Victorian windows throughout Utah, especially in the historic neighborhoods of Yalecrest, 9th and 9th, Holladay and The Avenues.

Victorian Romanesque Revival design was popular for civic, commercial and ecclesiastical structures, but also found its way into many residential homes. Semicircular doors and window openings highlighted brick and stone masonry walls.

Traditional-style windows, like the double-hung style pictured above, can feature grilles that add to their visual appeal. They can help match your home’s architectural design and align with Salt Lake City’s historic preservation guidelines. They are also a great choice for energy efficiency, as they allow more natural light into your home.

Sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are a popular choice for Salt Lake City homes because they let in more natural light, make rooms feel larger and more inviting, help limit temperature fluctuations, and offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They are often found in Bungalow-style homes, but can complement any architectural style.

These windows open easily with one operating panel gliding horizontally over the other, which makes them much more compact than hinged doors and frees up space around them. They also allow more airflow in your home, which can help reduce odors, cool your house, and reduce humidity levels.

You can further enhance your new sliding doors with plantation shutters that improve privacy, block sunlight and don’t sway like blinds or drapes do. These custom window treatments can last far longer than the doors themselves.

Casement windows

Unlike double-hung windows, which have two sashes that move up and down, casement windows open like doors to the left or right. These hinged windows provide superior ventilation and are easy to clean. They also help stabilize indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs.

They can be built into walls and other structures, and they can come with a wide variety of decorative accents. Fiberglass frames are strong and durable, resisting warping, rotting, and corrosion. They’re also low-maintenance and easy to customize with paint or stain.

These windows provide a clear view of Utah’s picturesque landscapes. They also offer a greater range of stylistic options than traditional-style windows. They’re also more energy efficient than wood windows, reducing heating and cooling costs. They can be paired with window planters to create a custom look in any home.