Choosing Front Entry Doors

When it comes to selecting a new front door, homeowners have many options. They must consider everything from the color to the material and even how durable it will be.

One popular choice is fiberglass entry doors. These are designed to look like traditional wood, but they are more durable and offer better energy efficiency.

Curb Appeal

The difference between a house that stands out from the rest and one that fails to capture attention is often a matter of curb appeal. Exterior enhancements have a powerful effect, not only in setting your home apart from the neighborhood but also in potentially raising its value.

A beautiful front door can make an instant impression on passersby. In addition, it provides strength and security for your family. Choosing iron doors ensures that your entranceway is unbreakable, deterring criminals even before they approach the door.

Whether you want to boost your property’s resale value or simply add character and charm to your home, curb appeal can be achieved with simple and cost-effective solutions. A fresh coat of paint, well-placed lighting or a few flower beds can transform the appearance of your home. You can also enhance your home’s curb appeal with hybrid folding doors or bi-folding systems that blur the line between inside and outside.


Besides adding aesthetic value, home security doors and storm doors in Salt Lake City help to protect houses from burglaries and severe weather damage. Unlike most other front door designs, these systems can be locked from the inside without having to give someone outside your house a key or code. These doors are also often made from sturdy materials, making them less likely to break when kicked in.

While no one wants to think about potential burglaries or other threats to personal safety, these preventative measures are essential for maintaining your family’s wellbeing, whether at home or away on vacation. A reliable and durable front entry door is the first line of defense against such attacks.

Fiberglass front doors, like the ones from Plastpro, combine rigid LVL with tightly packed high-density foam to create a strong structure that can resist kicks and dents. These doors are also highly energy efficient, reducing air leaks and thermal transfer for better home comfort.

Energy Efficiency

The material that a front door is built from has a direct impact on its look and how it will function. Wood doors are the most popular option, providing classic beauty and a timeless design. However, they are expensive, moisture sensitive and require more maintenance than other choices.

Fortunately, today’s best front doors come with advanced energy-efficiency measures. For example, Therma-Tru offers an entry system that’s designed to reduce drafts while improving performance, comfort and security.

The best way to select the right front entry door for your home is to talk to a local supplier. A knowledgeable team can provide a wide range of options at every price point. Plus, they can answer your questions and help you find the perfect fit. Contact a local supplier such as Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors to get started. They work with homeowners throughout Salt Lake City, and the surrounding northern Utah communities. Call today to schedule a free consultation.


Your entry doors are your home’s front face and deserve significant thought when it comes to aesthetic choices and maintenance. Whether you choose wood, fiberglass, steel or wrought iron, your door is an investment that should last for years to come.

Wood doors will require extra care, due to seasonal changes and exposure to elements such as wind, sand and blowing dust. Regularly apply a UV protectant to reduce damage from the sun. If your entry door faces the west, be especially careful as this is where the sun sets and will cause the most exposure.

You should also pay attention to dents and scratches on your steel door, as they can allow rust to set in. Repairing them early with a paint or stain will keep it looking good for longer.