Top Door Styles in Salt Lake City UT

The doors that frame your home’s entrance and interior spaces make a design statement. They can also increase a property’s value and improve energy efficiency.

Start with your architectural style when selecting the door for your home. Then consider color, finish and hardware. Sleek contemporary options feature clean lines and frosted or textured glass. Rustic styles incorporate iron hardware and stain instead of paint to let the wood grain show through.


The Craftsman door style, which was popularized by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, combines wood panels with flat glass in the upper third of the door. This combination makes for an elegant, yet welcoming entryway. These doors are available in a variety of glass configurations, including leaded, stained or clear, arranged in single panes or multiple panes. Sidelites and transoms can also be added to this type of entryway. Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors offers Therma Tru’s Classic-Craft line of fiberglass entry doors, which feature AccuGrain technology for the look of real Douglas Fir grain.


With a desert of red sand, mountains of powdery snow and a lake full of salt, Utah has the kind of diversity that shows up in its architecture. It’s common to see different styles within just blocks of each other. A saunter through the Avenues or 9th and 9th neighborhoods, for example, might reveal Victorian houses with towers and turrets and asymmetrical lines and curves.

The more contemporary home designs are also abundant in the city and its suburbs. They usually have a minimal style with emphasis on large windows and expansive views of the mountains, canyons or valleys. These homes often feature doors with frosted glass panes for added privacy and beauty. In addition, many are stained instead of painted to allow the wood grain’s natural beauty to show through.


A new front door is more than just a way to boost curb appeal, it also offers protection from the elements and intruders. The best entry doors complement the architecture of your home and provide unbreakable security. In Salt Lake City, wrought iron doors are a popular choice because they look stunning and help deter would-be thieves well before they reach your property. They’re available in a wide range of materials from budget-friendly composites to high-end solid woods like hickory and walnut. These doors can be paired with patio doors, bi-fold or liftslide systems to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. For added security, they can also include glass paneling for light and privacy. For additional information, contact Peach Building Products-Windows and Doors today!

Sliding patio

With their easy gliding design, sliding glass doors integrate flawlessly as the portal to backyard barbecues and family gatherings. They offer a sleek appearance that complements Colonial-style homes and can be customized with etched designs like flowers or the family crest.

Patio doors with large glass panes framed by narrow frames offer more natural light than hinged windows and make rooms feel larger. They also protect against harmful UV rays and outside noise while creating ideal airflow throughout the house.

Our fiberglass and aluminum clad sliding doors feature the same insulated glass packages as our swinging doors to maximize energy efficiency, saving you money on utility bills. They’re also durable and resistant to rotting and require less maintenance than wood patio doors.

Hybrid folding

Quality folding doors offer a stylish solution to transitional living and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor space. They are the perfect choice for Utah homes and commercial buildings, providing increased light exposure, privacy and views of the beautiful mountains, valleys and canyons that characterize this part of the world. Our hybrid folding systems are available in both contemporary clad and real wood and come with out-swing, bi-fold or multi-slide configurations up to 10 panels with heights up to 9’0″. Factory stain or paint options allow for ultimate customization.