Door Installation Salt Lake City UT

Door installation Salt Lake City UT

The style and condition of your doors say a lot about the house inside. From the front door that welcomes you home to French doors that let in light and views of your yard, every home needs the right door for its design and function. A professional Salt Lake City door installation company can help with all your residential and commercial doors.

Choosing the Right Door

Door dealers and installers are often tasked with helping homeowners choose, design and install doors that are right for the home. Doors need to be tough against the elements, easy to open and close, look good and blend in with existing aesthetics. They also need to provide privacy and security, keep out drafts and insulate well. Choosing the right door isn’t an easy task, but the professionals who specialize in door installation Salt Lake City UT are well trained to help you make the best choice for your home. They can even help you find a new door that qualifies for energy tax credits!


Doors are a focal point of the exterior and interior of your home. Exterior doors need to be durable against the elements and be pleasing to the eye; interior doors need to blend in and be functional for each room. There are many different door choices, from new fiberglass exterior doors that are energy efficient and look like wood to French doors that let in light and have louvers to keep the kids’ hands away from dusty or sticky stuff. There are also commercial overhead doors for manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, or property management companies that need to be secure and sturdy.


Doors are often taken for granted, but they play a big part in your home’s style and functionality. Exterior doors need to be tough against the elements; interior doors need to match the existing aesthetic while providing a suitable function for each room. Small cosmetic issues like panel dents and scratches may lead to rust, cause added stress for springs, rollers, and automatic openers or even compromise overall safety.

Vortex Doors provides commercial and industrial overhead door installation, repair, maintenance and emergency services to manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, property management companies and many other businesses requiring facility maintenance. We can help assess needs, select high-quality new assets, professionally install them and develop a cost-effective proactive maintenance plan to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. Our service area includes Salt Lake City, Utah and all surrounding areas. We offer a full range of commercial and residential garage doors, rolling doors, loading dock equipment, guard rails, and other related accessories.


Your doors are one of the most visible and integral parts of your home, and the look and condition of your doors speaks volumes about you, your family, and your lifestyle. That’s why it is essential to choose a Salt Lake City door company that offers quality products, installation services, and maintenance.

A poorly functioning door can be a serious inconvenience for homeowners, from compromising their home’s security to increasing their heating and cooling costs. This is why it is important to regularly inspect and repair your doors, including their hinges, rollers, springs, and motor.

MINER specializes in providing high-quality industrial and commercial doors for manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, and other types of businesses that require secure, reliable, functional doors. We can provide new assets, professionally install them and design a preventative maintenance plan to keep them operating efficiently. We also have the capability to handle repairs and replacements for existing doors in any facility.