Door Styles For Your Salt Lake City UT Home

Door styles Salt Lake City UT

The right doors can boost your property value and add a great first impression. They can also improve your privacy and provide unbreakable security. Iron doors are a popular choice for homeowners across Utah, as they look stunning and have the feel of being impenetrable to would-be criminals. They are also the perfect solution for a patio door, bi-fold or liftslide system, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

Front Entry Doors

Your front door is the first thing that greets visitors to your home. It should provide curb appeal, protect your property from the elements and intruders, and project a sense of durability. A new, stylish exterior door can do all of these things and more.

Stunning iron doors are a classic choice for Salt Lake City homes, as they combine beauty with security. Wrought iron doors look unbreakable and help deter would-be thieves well before they even approach your property.

Entry doors are a huge investment, so choose the right one to suit your style preferences and lifestyle. A wide variety of materials are available, from budget-friendly composites to high-end solid woods like hickory and walnut. You can also find doors that blend both style and functionality, with glass paneling for light and privacy and steel reinforcements for durability in the face of Utah’s harsh climate.

Patio Doors

Add a contemporary look to your home with sliding glass doors. Available with a wide range of etched designs, these doors allow you to create a look that suits your lifestyle or personality. These doors also come in colors that match your home, and can be combined with a variety of exterior and interior hardware styles.

Patio doors improve the aesthetics of your home and open up a space, making it easy to access a deck or garden. They also help limit temperature fluctuation between the indoors and outdoors, helping you to reduce your energy costs.

Custom patio doors complement a range of architectural styles, from the simple lines of a Bungalow to the classic elegance of Colonial-style homes. You can choose from a range of door materials, including vinyl and aluminum. You can even opt for fiberglass patio doors, which are durable and require little maintenance. Visit the Pella showroom to see and touch a range of patio doors for yourself.

Sliding Doors

The large glass panels of sliding doors allow natural light to enter the home, creating a more inviting atmosphere and reducing the need for artificial lighting. They also make it easier to bring in fresh air, thereby preventing food and other smells from becoming trapped inside.

Sliding doors are a perfect complement to Bungalows, Colonials, or any other architectural style that calls for a formal living space. They can also help brighten a smaller home and create an easy pathway to the patio area.

Newer models of sliding patio doors have a built-in security feature that prevents unwanted people from entering the house by blocking the door handle and latch. They are also much easier to operate than hinged doors. For a sleek look, consider combining a sliding door with a set of plantation shutters. Shutters improve privacy, block light, won’t sway like blinds or drapes, and outlast the sliding door itself. They’re available in a wide range of styles and finishes to match any design.

Commercial Overhead Doors

Commercial and industrial facilities require high-quality assets to function efficiently. Whether you are opening your own shop, operating from an established warehouse or running a distribution center, you need the right equipment to keep operations moving smoothly. You must assess the suitability of existing assets, select and install new assets, design an effective proactive maintenance strategy and more.

Clopay industrial overhead doors are engineered to meet the needs of business owners and facility managers. These sturdy doors are available in insulated and non-insulated models and can be customized with polystyrene insulation, steel gauges, windows and other options to fit your building requirements.