Entry Doors Salt Lake City UT

Entry doors Salt Lake City UT

Entry doors Salt Lake City UT play a big role in increasing a home’s beauty, safety and value. They’re also a great way to blur the lines between indoors and out, and create transitional living.

USI of South Salt Lake is a window and door contractor that helps clients improve their homes in the area. Its crew offers a wide selection of energy-efficient windows and doors.


Providing a classic front entry look, wood doors are crafted from traditional materials to provide strength and style. Wood doors come in a range of species, styles and finishes to meet any taste and budget.

Salt Lake City combines a rich history with a thriving modern pulse. Its architectural landscape mirrors this dichotomy, with timeless classics standing alongside contemporary marvels. An upgraded front door can boost property value and create a gorgeous, inviting entrance.

A solid core commercial door provides durability, sound resistance and fire rated core options for businesses in Salt Lake City. Commercial door hardware includes commercial lock sets, push bar or “panic” exit devices and door closers that ensure safety, security and accessibility. Commercial doors can be ordered in single or double door setups.


Metal doors are a popular choice in Salt Lake City UT for their durability, resistance to fire and security. Hollow metal doors are available as single or double door configurations with solid or fire rated core options and with flush or embossed panel designs. Hollow metal frames are also compatible with commercial glass door lites and vision lites for code compliant visibility.

A beautiful iron door adds curb appeal to any home, and it can boost your property value. But more importantly, it protects your family and deters criminals before they have the chance to break into your home.

Stainless steel is commonly used in industrial and commercial settings due to its corrosion resistance, low maintenance and visual appearance. Stainless steel doors are compatible with commercial door lock sets, push bar exit devices and commercial door closers to maintain building safety and security standards.


The front doors of homes are an important first impression that can boost or detract from the property’s curb appeal. Iron doors can accentuate the beauty of any home by adding timeless design with unsurpassed strength and security that discourages criminals well before they break in.

Solid core wood doors provide a traditional look with superior sound resistance and fire-rated options. These commercial doors are crafted with an engineered core covered with natural wood veneers and factory primed or pre-finished in multiple stain colors. They can also be clad in aluminum for ideal energy efficiency.

Stainless steel doors are commonly used for industrial and commercial applications due to their durability, corrosion resistance and visual appearance. They are commonly used for interior and exterior openings in food processing plants, hospitals and airports. These doors are available in hollow metal door frames and fire-rated glass, vision lites and louvers.


Fiberglass front doors are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners in northern Utah. They are available in hundreds of designs, including options that look like real wood. They also feature unique hardware and decorative glass panels to create a one-of-a-kind entry system. Additionally, fiberglass doors are very durable and require less maintenance than other materials.

A custom-designed glass door can make your home or business stand out in a crowd. However, it is important to work with a professional to ensure that your new entry door is made of the correct material.

In addition to providing beauty and value, a new front door can increase security for your building. It is important to choose a door that is equal parts strength and style. This is particularly true for doors to residential buildings.

Custom Design

The right exterior doors enhance your home’s beauty, safety and value. They protect your home from the elements, and give you privacy and insulation. However, poorly designed or maintained doors can detract from the curb appeal of your home.

If you want to transform your entrance, consider installing a beautiful new door with glass. Frosted, tinted, or clear glass will let in more natural light and give you more privacy.

From Sugar House to Rose Park, Salt Lake City has a variety of homes. Some have traditional, vintage-style front doors that complement the classic architecture of our region. Those with more luxurious homes can choose a one-of-a-kind luxury custom iron door from Universal Iron Doors. These doors have the appearance of European extravagance with hand-carved panels and intricate wrought iron detailing.