Window Styles Salt Lake City UT Homeowners Can Choose From

Window styles Salt Lake City UT

There are several window styles Salt Lake City UT homeowners can choose from to suit their needs, home design and budget. Some are more energy efficient than others, allowing air to flow through while keeping cold drafts at bay.

Sliding windows open horizontally and are easy to use. They also provide an unobstructed view and let in lots of natural light.


Because of our hot summers and cold winters, Salt Lake City homeowners prioritize energy efficiency for their homes. New windows improve home insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Casement windows hinge on the side and open outward like a door, allowing for fresh air and unobstructed views. Older designs featured mullions, but modern versions have a single pane of uninterrupted glass.

A transferable warranty is a great add-on. It protects your investment and makes your home more attractive to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell. It covers glass breakage from accidents or intense Utah weather conditions.


Awning windows shield the home from harsh UV rays and rain, letting homeowners create a relaxing indoor environment. They are also burglar-proof and protect against debris.

Unlike casement windows, awnings hinge from above and open from the bottom with a gentle crank of a handle. They make for a great addition to homes with rainy climates as they let in fresh air, even during precipitation.

They are also energy efficient, keeping heat in during winter and out during summer, leading to significant savings. Awnings can also boost a business’s exterior as they act as additional signage and welcome customers in.


With Utah’s diverse climate, homeowners often select their window styles based on energy efficiency objectives and aesthetic preferences. However, the selection process can become complex as homeowners sift through a number of products and frame materials.

A popular choice among Salt Lake City UT homeowners is sliding windows. This style opens horizontally and allows for unobstructed views and ample light penetration.

Sliding windows also require minimal maintenance and are resistant to moisture, swell and warping. They are perfect for those who want to enjoy their Utah surroundings with minimal effort.


If you love unobstructed views and lots of sunlight, picture windows are a great option for your Salt Lake City home. These window replacement options don’t open, so they’re perfect for living rooms and other areas that you want to keep clear of obstructions.

Earthwise provides a full line of vinyl windows that work optimally in the Utah climate, keeping your home comfortable throughout the bitter winters and hot summers. With a range of styles and colors, our affordable windows are designed to fit a wide variety of homes.

Bay & Bow

Stunning bay and bow windows transform any room in your home. They provide a large picturesque view of the surrounding nature, amplify light, and add airflow to your home. These windows are known to increase market value in the home.

Bay windows are comprised of three window panels angled together to create a curved protrusion from your home, creating space that can be used as a seating ledge or storage. Bow windows are similar, but usually have five or more window panels that are curved to fit in a rounded turret style on your home.


Salt Lake City’s diverse climate makes it important to invest in windows that maximize energy efficiency. They help you reduce your heating and cooling bills and improve the aesthetics of your home. They can also increase the value of your property.

Whether you’re interested in traditional or contemporary designs, Price’s Guaranteed Doors can help. It offers a variety of aluminum-clad wood Pella windows that can complement your style and design preferences. Its Lenox Series and Lifestyle series offer outstanding performance values.

This company provides window and door replacement services for residential and commercial properties. Its team collaborates with clients to select the right windows for their projects. Its products reflect UV rays and reduce heat inside a building.


Known for their meticulous design and attention to detail, craftsman windows are perfect for homes with a more rustic or artisanal feel. They can make a statement and bring character to your home in Salt Lake City.

If you’re looking for a window that offers both style and ventilation, consider awning windows. They open outward to create an awning, which lets air in but keeps rain out – ideal for those warm Utah summers.

Single-hung windows have one stationary sash and another that moves up and down, making them an ideal choice for most homes. They’re also budget-friendly and easy to clean.